new concepts




DK offers a full spectrum of solutions, guidance, and step by step instructions and checklists to getting your menu and concept finalized, your processes optimized, your truck designed and built, your vendors and employees in place, and your business legally licensed and permitted in your desired location.


Before offering any advice, DK will conduct a thorough market analysis and use projections and cost estimates from operating a profitable truck personally to make sure your new concept can, and will, succeed.


Pick services a la carte, or get the whole package.  DK is there from the ground up.  Having done it before, we know how to make it happen again.

existing trucks




We know how it is.  As a truck owner, you get so close to your business, its impossible to take a step back and really see what is happening.  You put your heart and soul into this business and have no time to do the planning, analysis, and execution of the things that really matter. That's where DK comes in.


Whether your business is in need of a refresh, or you want help expanding into new services or spaces, DK can help.  


To solve any and all of your problems, DK must first get a grasp on your operation.  We may ride along during a day of service, or watch as your food is prepped, or just sit down and go over the books, line by line.  If there's a problem, or an inefficiency, DK will identify it and, if possible, identify solutions and improvements.

Bookkeeping & Finances


As a former financial processes consultant at one of the world's largest firms, Dylan at DK brings big business know how to the micro-businesses roaming the streets.


Sit down with Dylan and discuss your product costing, financial projections, accounting system, and bookkeeping.  The vast majority of food truck owners had no interest in the business side of things before they threw themselves into the metaphorical fire of ownership.


Dylan can help set up a bookkeeping system, help solve pricing issues once and for all, get up to date on your delinquent taxes and fees, and turn your business into a lean, mean, money-making machine.  He can also provide accounting support going forward and recommend long term solutions to your financial problems.